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Friendly reminder that this band is making music non stop for almost 20 years and we still complaint whenever some album is in it’s making.
They release an album, promote it with interviews photoshots, tours and right now they’re doing world wide tours + European stadium tours. This is not a fucking job, it’s passion and dedication and some people need to respect every single band that does shit like this because I’m quite tired of hearing people saying “they don’t do enough”. 

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"And it’s gonna be our last memory and it’s led me on and on to you"

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One presents Muse - Uprising | Estadio do Dragao, Portugal, Porto x

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Next year will be 20 years since we played our first concert, so when we were 15 years old and… so it might be a nice time to kind of reflect on how it was when we started.. it was just very simple, three piece. And probably more kind of rock more stripped down. I think that might be something we might explore a little bit in the future Maybe going more… just trying to reconnect with that rock side, you know that was before we.. because the second album, third album, fourth album we started adding on more and more things. You know, adding on the synthesizer, and like orchestras all these extra instruments, you know? And I think it might be time to just go back and to just see what we are like on the basic instruments.

Matthew Bellamy - The Evolution Of Muse.

Can’t help but feel being alive for the next era of Muse, will be one the greatest era’s in musics history. It’ll be an interesting next couple of years. That’s for sure.

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Elegant Rose - Crosshair